Like most service clubs, Chaparral Women’s Club has minimum membership requirements. These requirements help guide us to be involved year-round but many members far exceed these expectations.


Our full membership criteria can be found in our by-laws but as an unofficial, quick summary, members are expected to do the following each service year

  • Attend at least five (5) general meetings
  • Earn ten (10) service points
  • Pay dues
  • Attend and participate in club fundraiser(s)

General Meetings

General meetings are at 7 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Many members arrive as early at 6 p.m. to socialize and order drinks or dinner. Social/happy hour is so important, we took an official drink poll to share with you. At a general meeting you are likely to see 22% sipping a margarita, 25% having a Mexican martini, 44% enjoying beer or wine and 9% drinking water, soda or tea. And naturally, chips, salsa, queso and guacamole are plentiful 100%.

For Prospective Members

2016-2017 new members volunteering together.

To be considered for active membership, prospective members must:

1.   Attend a “Prospective Member” orientation: This important session covers what you need to know about service projects, committee assignments and more. The Prospective Member Orientation is an informational and social time for prospective members, officers, and club members.  Active members will be on hand to discuss  both the Club’s involvement in the community and answer any questions. Application for membership and orientation may take place immediately following the meeting.  Those who accept the membership requirements will be invited to attend our first general membership meeting in August.

2.   Pay $75.00 membership dues before August 31st: Checks should be made to Chaparral Women’s Club and must be turned in before August 31st.

3.   Attend at least five (5) general membership meetings:  Members are required to attend five of the nine regular meetings; attendance is recorded by the Club Secretary.  Reminders will be issued throughout the year

4.  Earn a total of ten (10) points through participation and support of club functions: Throughout the year, members will be offered many service opportunities.  Participation ranges from volunteering and service to providing refreshments or donations.  Points will be awarded to each member participating in a service project based upon the level of participation.  Points earned accumulate over the course of the year (August through May) to meet Membership requirements.  Member requirements include at least one (1) three point project per service year.

Three points are earned for donations of time and service to a project.
One point will be given for donations of supplies or food for a project.

Points may also be earned by exceeding the minimum fundraising requirements as set by the Fundraising Chairs, through leadership positions on committees and by serving on the Board.

5.  Fundraising: Members may be required to participate in fundraiser(s) by collecting donations items, program advertising or collecting sponsorship money.

6.  Purchase one pair and sell one pair of tickets to Fundraiser Event(s): Each member is required to purchase tickets and attend the fundraising event. In addition, you are responsible for selling another pair of tickets. Ticket prices vary per year.

7.  Work Fundraiser as directed by Co-chairs: Each member is assigned a committee with which they will work to prepare for the fundraiser, and is also assigned a task and work shift during the evening of the fundraiser. Work duties range from seating VIP’s, checkout at the end of the evening, or even hosting a game!

8.  Execute a “New Member” service project: As a group, the new members will execute a team project in the community before the January meeting.  When completed, the team will make a special presentation to the members and report on the project at the January meeting.  This project is not eligible for service project points.

For more information, please contact our Membership Chair at

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