Chaparrals Service Projects Begin

Tonight is the start of our service projects and we are all so excited to see what difference we can make in Williamson County this year.  Tonight is an annual event we help to host where we help with the Texas Children’s Baptist Home Fashion Show.  It’s such a great event that allows the kids to shop at no cost and helps them with clothes for school.  They get to walk the runway and enjoy a night dedicated to them.  There’s something special about a child’s smile that truly makes your heart feel warm.

Thanks to our great Service Project Coordinators present and past we have a great line of community service projects we work on including making Birthday Boxes.  The Happy Birthdays organization now serves the Texas Baptist Children’s Home, teens at the Austin Children’s Shelter, The Salvation Army, The Settlement Home for Girls, as well as children at the CPS office in Travis and Williamson counties. Each box contains everything a family would need to have a birthday party. People in the community can get on the website and choose a child to serve or just make a box so we have it on hand. The kids get to choose the theme of their box so they get exactly what they want on their special day. It’s really a great cause. The purpose is to give every kid a Happy Birthday.  I helped buy for a Dinosaur theme box last year and this was so much fun.  We bought everything from plates, banner, snacks, juice, presents for the Birthday child and fun games to play.  Everything gets put in a box and delivered to the child so they can celebrate their special day.  See more at  We volunteer to sponsor several boxes per year.

Another great project is with The Caring PlaceThe Caring Place provides a variety of services to assist our neighbors in financial crisis.  For our November Project we plan to help with decorating for Christmas to prepare for their annual fundraiser.  We also gather donations to go toward the food pantry that is always in need.

In December we will be assisting with Brown Santa.  The Williamson County Brown Santa program provides assistance to families in Williamson County living outside the geographical city limits of any town or city within Williamson County that does not provide a similar program. Brown Santa donations are utilized to purchase toys, books and other items needed to make the children’s Christmas brighter.

Every year our new members complete a service project they select and complete together.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with this year.  Last year New Members hosted a Chappy Hour Gift Card Drive for Starry.   STARRY nurtures children, strengthens families, and restores hope through counseling, foster care, and adoption.  New Members went to STARRY and learned about their mission and needs.  Starry had a need for items they could give families who were taking in foster children planned or unplanned.  Sometimes kids were moved with only things they could carry in a single bag.  The gift cards helped to get the child whatever they needed from clothes, shoes, a meal.  All new members invited friends and family to join in on a Chappy Hour and donate a gift card.  New members set out to reach a goal of $200 each.  Thanks to some really wonderful people, we were not only able to meet that goal but far exceed it!  We raised close to $3500 in gift cards!

It’s such an honor to be involved in a group that helps wherever there is a need.  There are so many organizations who need help, thanks to the support of our community we have been able to help.  If you have a need for volunteers or support please reach out to us at .  Chaparrals is a 501(c) organization only providing assistance to other 501(c) organizations.  100% of what we raise goes back to the community in the form of donations, grants, and scholarships. 


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